Sunburn through the vents

Friday, July 02, 2004

1st day

Inadvertently, today will probably be the hardest day. We set off late due to some communication problems with the walkie talkies. Then we headed for the Piques de Europe and some very difficult riding. We were riding in the clouds for much of the time, it was cold and wet. Neither of which i was prepared for. Heading for the sun we stumbled across a hostel and the opportunity of good food, shelter and a recharging of batteries. It was too good to resist. Today has been tiring and we are shagged - but incredibly for day 1 we have achieved so much and had lots of luck - on arrival in santander, scott pulled over to phone me and in doing so, pulled in alongside me. Then again tonite we found this hostel for 35 euros. Tomorrow we head south & west and hope for the same luck.