Sunburn through the vents

Thursday, July 08, 2004

we chose a road less travelled

So much so, it hadn't been constructed yet. Spain may have been around for some thousands of years but it seems their road building is not yet complete. The gravel dust track was very difficult on our cruisers. The next time we asked for direction we made sure that the road existed. We camped at cazola and saw more stars than ever before. Screw our homeland and its wanton light pollution.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


In one day we passed the 400 mark without too much effort. Probably down to the massage last nite, the overcast weather, the straight roads - and the main reason without much doubt - we are actually getting used to this. Touching the southern most coast of spain, we have seen how tourism has completely fucked up a once beautiful area. High rise apartments splatter the horizon like the worst shanty towns. Its unclear to me how anyone staying here could call it a holiday. Who's to blame, the tourist for chasing 'El dorado' or the spaniards for following their field of dreams: 'build it and they will come'. I have high hopes for tomorrow and Almeria - where I can continue my film theme. This is our last nite in Granada, and the journey home really starts tomorrow.

I miss you. You know who you are.

Arabian baths

The elements play a big part in riding a motorbike. Temperature changes are magnified to the extent that you feel pockets of warm and cool air, particularly in and around the mountains. Smells can be a pleasant discovery whilst driving through towns processing olives for oil. The arab baths offered our bodies the chance to recuperate in hot and cold plunge pools, before a well oiled massage. Definitely a high point of the trip so far.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

long and winding road

This is a day late. Caceres from the border of Portugal. The hottest day so far. To keep cool we had to soak our t-shirts with water. They soon dried. At 3pm we had to pull over and take shade. I emptied a bottle of water over my head as I desperately tried to cool down. I was in serious danger of over-heating. Scott made use of his newly acquired SAS skill of discretley peeing whilst changing a tyre! The lesson of the day was hydration. Hydrate or dry. The heat gave me my 1st of numerous nose bleeds.

Friday, July 02, 2004

1st day

Inadvertently, today will probably be the hardest day. We set off late due to some communication problems with the walkie talkies. Then we headed for the Piques de Europe and some very difficult riding. We were riding in the clouds for much of the time, it was cold and wet. Neither of which i was prepared for. Heading for the sun we stumbled across a hostel and the opportunity of good food, shelter and a recharging of batteries. It was too good to resist. Today has been tiring and we are shagged - but incredibly for day 1 we have achieved so much and had lots of luck - on arrival in santander, scott pulled over to phone me and in doing so, pulled in alongside me. Then again tonite we found this hostel for 35 euros. Tomorrow we head south & west and hope for the same luck.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The night before

Just about all set for my trip. I'm sure I've forgotten something. Will find out later rather than sooner no doubt.
Going to miss mon lapin and our boy. I love them very much and its hard to go away deliberately for 2 weeks. Time will fly.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Going away story time

"Daddy can take me to bed all the days until he goes away, as I'm going to miss him."

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

David Beckham quote from today's chip wrapper / toilet roll

"Brooklyn has started football training over the last month and he gets upset when he doesn't score a goal or doesn't win a game.

"He even gets upset when he fails to finish arcade games.

"But I have explained to him you cannot win every time.

"Maybe he can explain that to me now when I get home."

Monday, June 21, 2004

Dilatoriness at an early age

"Daddy..You know...Really..."

Aged 4

You cannot help yourself....

"Can I help you?"

< thinks > Yes. Get outta ma face. < /thinks >

"Do you need some help with that?"

< thinks > You can't hear the voice inside my head can you. But you must see the disdain on my face surely? < /thinks >

"Would you like some help?"

< yelling > "What do you mean 'HELP'? I'm buying soap for gods sake - do I look like an imbecile who hasn't bought soap before?? Do I look incapable of asking for 'Help'? Is that it? You think I'm backward, a little bit slow maybe and can't handle all the wonderful choices you have put together for me? Did I once catch your eye and give you a sign or some acknowledgement that you exist and I might want a conversation with you? Does my demeanour cry out for pity? Or maybe you're trying out a technique which engages suspected shoplifters in conversation and once engaged they are less likely to steal?? No, I don't think so.

I'm perfectly capable of choosing my own soap. Now fuck off outta ma face and leave me alone. Stay behind the till and just take my money. I'm gonna make it very easy for you. I know what I want. And I'm gonna buy it. Use your newly acquired fuckin-sales-skills on gettin yourself a better job cos this one ain't working out for ya. < /yelling >

"I'm okay thanks."

MUSH - Brighton
Earlier today

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Hamster wheel keeps on turning

Looking for a life in this country

Working for Her Maj ev'ry night and day

Her Bank meets up on Wednesday
Deciding how much more I have to pay
on Thursday

Hamster wheel keeps on turning.
My earnings keep on burning.
trying to make a living.

Tony's got a new war today, got to keep everyone healthy
As work is gonna last you longer
Celebrity is our new religion

Gonna lock you up inside our TV screen.

Hamster wheel keeps on turning.
My earnings keep on burning.
trying to make a living.

If you want an education

Get a job now start your career first

You will have to worry though you have no money.
Even though the gov' is happy to give.

Hamster wheel keeps on turning.
My earnings keep on burning.
trying to make a living.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Test from a mobile phone

Here is the ultimate test in mobile communications, ahead of my trip to Spain. I should be able to add thoughts and comments during my trip from the comfort of my phone.

Thursday, December 18, 2003


< rant >
Definition: An espresso beverage made with one shot of espresso into a cup of hot water.

Now why the fuck do people ask if I want my Americano white or black?

An Americano is a black coffee.

All of these pseudo coffee shops, Costa, Starbucks, Nero etc employing kids on gap-year between nursery and primary school are guilty.

What's more they have the gaul to look at you in a weird - "What's this guys problem" sorta way when you yell at them - "Americano is a black coffee, why would I want MILK!"

< /rant over >

Monday, November 10, 2003

I figure that parenting is about admitting to as many mistakes as possible, rather than trying to cover up for them. It's difficult to admit you're wrong. Especially when its comes to children. Hopefully, it shows a strength but at the moment I'm not sure. I feel very weak.

My son, tonight said "I don't like Daddy anymore". At least he can express himself.

My heinous crime? I removed him from the car where he had staged a mini sit-in.

Not forcibly. Not violently. Just patiently and methodically, silently over-ruling his short-lived protest. How I hope that he'll keep his strong will and beliefs.

It escalated from then on.

It eventually ended when I took him up to his bedroom and left him there to scream and shout.

I came down stairs to cry. I hate conflict.

He is 3.

I am 34.

I wonder who still has the most to learn.

Day 1

De ja vu
I thought I had already completed this part.
Maybe not.
After all, software doesn't lie
And I should know