Sunburn through the vents

Monday, November 10, 2003

I figure that parenting is about admitting to as many mistakes as possible, rather than trying to cover up for them. It's difficult to admit you're wrong. Especially when its comes to children. Hopefully, it shows a strength but at the moment I'm not sure. I feel very weak.

My son, tonight said "I don't like Daddy anymore". At least he can express himself.

My heinous crime? I removed him from the car where he had staged a mini sit-in.

Not forcibly. Not violently. Just patiently and methodically, silently over-ruling his short-lived protest. How I hope that he'll keep his strong will and beliefs.

It escalated from then on.

It eventually ended when I took him up to his bedroom and left him there to scream and shout.

I came down stairs to cry. I hate conflict.

He is 3.

I am 34.

I wonder who still has the most to learn.